Q: Who are we

The Fair Competition Tribunal is a quasi-judicial tribunal created in 2004 by the Fair Competition Act (2003 ) to hear appeals and applications and issue orders with respect to the civil reviewable matters) as informally and expeditiously as circumstances and considerations of fairness permit. 

The Act deals with issues like mergers abuse of dominant position, specialization agreements delivered pricing, restrictive trade practices (refusal to supply, consignment selling, exclusive dealing, tied selling and market restriction), foreign judgments, laws and directives that have certain adverse effects on economic activity in and refusals to supply by foreign suppliers in the market,

Q: What do we do

Mandate : The Fair Competition Tribunal as an appellate body is mandated to hear and determine appeals from decisions and orders of the Fair Competition Commission and the regulatory authorities namely EWURA, SUMATRA. TCRA and TCAA. It exercises its adjudicative functions at arm's length from the government and its departments- According to the FCA, the Tribunal can seal and adhere in 

Tanzania mainland to hear and determine appeals- The mandate of the Tribunal is strictly adjudicative; it has: no function other than that associated the hearing of appeals and applications and issuance of orders. , expansion of the tribunal�s mandate is under consideration so as to extend its jurisdiction to cover deceptive market practice and such others omitted aspects.