Prof. Honest P. Ngowi

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Title: Mjumbe

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Honest Prosper Ngowi is Associate Professor of Economics, researcher and consultant in Economics and Business at Mzumbe University, Tanzania. He has researched, consulted, written (over 50 major works), published and lectured widely on various areas of economics and business including macro-and micro-economics; international trade; managerial economics; Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs); The New/knowledge Economy; Entrepreneurship; Informal Sector; Privatization; Public Private Partnerships (PPPs); Executive Agencies in Service Delivery; Project Management; Unlocking Economic Growth Potentials; Shared Economic Growth; University-Industry Linkages; Funding Civil Societies; Mainstreaming HIV/AIDS in Curricula and Workplaces; East African Common Market; Economic Impacts of HIV/AIDS; Public Expenditure Review Systems (PETS); Poverty; the Current Global Financial and Economic Crisis (over 8 papers and 50 newspaper/magazine articles) and many others.

He has been in the academic, research and consultancy industry for over fourteen (15) years. He has broad international exposures and networks in over fifteen countries including Norway, United Kingdom, India, Senegal, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Zambia, South Africa, Swaziland, Malawi, United States, Sweden, Denmark, Canada, Rwanda, Burundi and Nigeria.

He is a member of various international professional associations including Associate Member of United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) Virtual Institute; Organisation for Social Science Research in Africa (Ethiopia); Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (Senegal); Norwegian Society for Business Administration (Norway); Agricultural Economists Society of Tanzania; Association of African Public Administration and Management (AAPAM); International Academy of African Business and Development (IAABD); Lake Victoria Research Initiative (VicRes); Editor of Development Southern Africa, HURIA, Kenyan Business Administration, Education Research (USA); and IAABD journals; and Participant in World Bank’s Rapid Response Discussions and other fora.